we won!

I just have to throw this one in there: my pub quiz team (so salad crew ft. sam n steph) WON the big champion's league music quiz final!!! Last one ever...it was the best music quiz.. quizzing will never be the same again.... ("I predict a pop quiz" at the Iron Duke -quizmaster genius -Pete Fijalkowski) 

my little production line of box sets.........


Hanover Centre Festive Fair Saturday 12th December

I'm going to have a little stall at the Hanover Centre 
Festive Fair this saturday, Southover Street, Hanover, Brighton.
selling a selection of prints, cards and also those new letterbook box sets...... pop in if you're nearby..
the info:    "Fundraiser for the Hanover Community Centre, exclusively with the Muesli Mountain Market, Hanover Christmas Tree Company and Talented local craft persons, also…Games, Stalls, Hot Chestnuts, Santa Claus, Mulled Wine, FUN, FUN, FUN !!!
Saturday 12th December - 2pm - 6pm - 50p Adults, Little Elves Free !"

Popcorny mini-letter-book sets in action

the completed boxset of screen printed mini letterbooks! I am making up a batch of them at the moment so if you'd like one, follow this link and I will send it out straight away to reach you well before Christmas! ...www.popcorny.etsy.com 

They also come wrapped in up in my special wrapping paper below....(yes it's also screen printed in case you were wondering)


new screen printed mini letterbooks gift box set!

they're finished.....

these are little gift boxsets of 6 mini 'letterbooks' and envelopes with different types of paper inside... could be squared, blank, french calligraphy, music..... each book is different! All screen printed by me, comes wrapped up in my special paper and yours for a mere £10 for the gift box!

there are 10 designs in all, 3 of each colour in each box....

available now in the ye olde popcorny shoppe www.popcorny.etsy.com  


my new advert thingy

After a photoshoot with all my stuff at home resulting in a big old mess, then a touch of computerization I've made this here advert for my work/shop/blog: 

note: objects in the rear may seem smaller than they are....but they're just further away.
beach ball not for sale........


new screen printed mystery gift sets in the making....

my latest screen printing.... just finished today - hoping to make them up into their finished  form in time for christmas shopping! watch this space.............