INDUSTREES cool gallery space and retail shop in Toronto Canada is stocking some Popcorny prints and mini box sets...www.industtrees.com


Synthesis Handsome Lady Lotion

two colour screen print in dark berry colours on brown paper

Synthesis.... for the Handsome Lady. the essential must-have-to-die-for lady beauty product. Modeled here by the gorgeous Bam in the official advert, complete with all the science bit nonsense and even a close up diagram of what ACTUALLY happens within each 'microsphere' of this trully miraculous vendible.

 Stop denying it... you need this product!! www.popcorny.etsy.com 


Popcorny in Arty Directory

I'm very happy to be in the first ever Directory by the brilliant Arty Magazine. It's going to be all around Brighton for the year... and free!

the 2010 Arty Dirctory - featuring 100 Artists, Galleries and other creative bits and bobs
some of the pages inside (with Popcorny)